Auditions for the Paramount Acting Company’s North Carolina-premiere production of Stephen Sondheim’s musical, SATURDAY NIGHT, will be held May 2-3, 2016 at the auditorium of Holy Comforter Episcopal Church, corner of E. Davis and Lexington Ave. in downtown Burlington. Sign-in begins at 6:30PM and auditions at 7:00PM each evening. Call backs will be held May 4 at 7:00PM in the Great Hall of the church.

Seeking seven principal males and three principal females, all strong singer/actors, able to convincingly play the age ranges for the following roles:

GENE GORMAN—25—Single; handsome social climber; a “champagne wisher and a caviar dreamer,” but also an attractively sly fox; underneath his ambition for fortune and fame, ultimately, a good guy; Bb2-G4.

HELEN FOGEL—(a/k/a Helene Calhoun Forrester)—25—Single; a lover of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, she is, at the same, time practical and romantic; Ab3-F5  

DINO—19-20—Single; delightfully witty smart aleck; drives people nuts with his piano playing, which can be pantomimed in our production; B2-F#4

ARTIE—19-20—Single; fast-talking joker; quick on his feet and enthusiastic; B2-A4

RAY—19-20--Nerdy and neurotic; “Woody Allen” type cheapskate; B2-F#4

TED—19-20—Good-natured fellow; looking for love like all the others; B2-A4

BOBBY—16-18—Very “experienced” for his age; handsome; fancies himself an expert in the “art of seduction”; Bb2-F4

HANK—23-25—Married to Celeste; happily married but still longs to be “one of the guys”; B2-A4

CELESTE—22-25—Hank’s wife; another “practical romantic”; playful and sassy; G#3-F5

MILDRED—18-21—Single; Mildred’s friend; charming almost to a fault; A3-F5

Supporting  roles include:

EUGENE GORMAN—(a/k/a Pinhead)—25-30; Gene’s balding cousin; rich guy; speaking role

MALE VOCALIST—30+--has two wonderful songs (“Love is a Bond” a solo and “A Moment with You” with Gene and Helen); a really neat cameo role; can double other roles.

The following parts can be doubled, minimally with three men and three women:

Plaza Ballroom attendant; Mr. Fletcher, a real estate agent; A butler; Florence, a young girl

Clune, a detective; Dakota Doran, a nightclub hostess (has reprise of “Love is a Bond” in Act II); Headwaiter; A Police Lieutenant; Society and Nightclub Couples

On Monday and Tuesday nights, candidates will sing and perform simple movement exercise. Reading from script and possibly more singing will be held during Wednesday call backs.

A 60 to 90 SECOND AUDITION PIECE FROM BROADAY SHOW PREFERRED. Song from show acceptable. Please bring sheet music of your selection, if possible. Accompanist provided. Unaccompanied singing discouraged. Music Director may ask you to run musical scales.  Auditions by video, meeting the above criteria, are acceptable. (Please contact Director for more information on video auditions.)

Rehearsals run May 8-June 21. Preview June 22. Show dates June 23-26. YOU MUST BRING ALL KNOWN CONFLICTS BETWEEN MAY 8-JUNE 26. No conflicts allowed June 19-26. Depending on conflicts, rehearsals will be from 7-10PM, Sunday thru Thursday at the Church.

NOTE: If you are already in a show when you audition for SATURDAY NIGHT, conflicts related to that show will be taken into consideration in the casting process. If you are cast in SATURDAY NIGHT and are subsequently cast in another show, no time will be allowed off from our rehearsal, load, tech, performance or strike activities for any activities of the second show. Period. No exceptions. Don’t ask.

SATURDAY NIGHT, the “lost” Sondheim musical, is based on the stage play, “Front Porch in Flatbush.” It was scheduled to be Mr. Sondheim’s Broadway debut in 1954. However, the death of the producer, Lemuel Ayers, led Sondheim to delay its release for almost fifty years. It is a genuine, 1950’s musical, brimming with all the charm and youthful vitality of a talent, blossoming into greatness. MTI tells us we are the first theatre in NC to receive rights to the show. It will be completely new to our audience, but with the cache of Sondheim’s reputation.

The show tells the story of a group of Brooklyn boys seeking fame, fortune and females in the Stock Market-crazy days of 1929. One of them, Gene, is so eager to climb the social ladder and impress his sweetheart, Helen, that he invests his friends’ money in a swank apartment. When the deal sours, he sells his cousin’s precious Pierce-Arrow automobile, without permission, thereby complicating matters in a hilarious and touching way. In true Broadway tradition, all ends happily and everyone winds up just where they should be.

NOTE: If you want to listen to a cast recording, the “Original New York Cast” on Nonesuch Records is far better than the London version, as it is much brighter, faster paced, and more “Brooklyn.”  (Don’t bother with the staged reading video on YouTube.)

SATURDAY NIGHT will be directed by PAC Artistic Director David Wright. Music Director and Orchestra Conductor for the production will be by Dr. Garrett Saake, with choreography by Alicia Curtis.  For more information, contact the Director at 336.222.5001 or 336.516.6710.

The Paramount Acting Company is a community theater, sponsored by the City of Burlington’s Department of Recreation and Parks.