Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is probably the safest alternative to standard aerobics. It causes very little stress to your joints. It is an exercise that is performed in the water. The water provides resistance, so fairly simple movements result in a better workout than if they were done out of the water. It is fitness where you sweat less and have little to no muscle fatigue. There is no time like the present to have fun, burn calories, and strengthen core muscles!

Which class is best for me?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. Individual health history is one of the first steps in selecting the right class, followed by personal preference of shallow or deep water classes. For more information on selecting the best class for you, contact the MAC at (336) 222-5043 and ask to speak with a water aerobics instructor. 

How much does it cost for me to participate?

Your first class is complimentary. It is free! We would like for you to try a class for free at the Maynard Aquatic Center to see if it is the right class for you. It may be your first experience, and we want it to be an experience where you can try and see for yourself how water aerobics will benefit you. Wear your suit, bring a towel and water bottle, and come to the pool.

Once You Are Hooked

Drop in cost per class is $5. A 10 punch pass card is $40, and a 25 punch pass card is $70. When you purchase a pass you save money!  
What are you waiting for? Come see for yourself. You will discover fitness and develop friends all in a matter of one hour. The staff is waiting to greet you at the Maynard Aquatic Center.

Download the full class schedule here. 
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Class Descriptions: 

Deep Water:
This class is held in the diving well. This class incorporates high intensity,
non-impact, cardio vascular movements that improve balance, coordination, as well
as endurance. This class is for participants who are comfortable in the water. If you
are not comfortable in the water please see a staff member for more information.

Back in Shape:
This class is one that will allow a person to accomplish low, moderate, and even
high energy levels due to its way of allowing the participants to choose the impact or
non-impact styles of the exercise. All the exercises in this class can be modified to
meet the person where they are at.

Low Impact:
This class takes place in the shallow end of the pool. Its primary focus is improving
range of motion and strengthening muscles and joints that are vulnerable to arthritis.
Low Impact is an ideal class for anyone who has had a hip or knee replacement.

WOW (Work off Weight):
This class will give you benefits of a group fitness class without the stress on the
joints. Learn proper locomotion and gait training in the shallow water while toning
muscle, enhancing endurance and increasing flexibility.