Inside the BPD

The Burlington Police Department would like to welcome you "Inside the BPD". We will frequently post videos that cover all of the different types of things we as your local police department do or how we are involved in the community. We will have videos with tips on how to successfully dial 911 or what to do when you are in a traffic stop. We also have videos that show how we train. You can view our "Inside the BPD" videos below or visit our Youtube and Facebook pages for more information.

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How to make a successful 911 call:

We want our citizens to feel prepared when they call 911, so that is what we cover in this Inside the BPD video. When you call into 911,the most important thing is to be as calm as possible. The first question the 911 operator will ask is "What is the location of the emergency?" We have to know this information first so we can get to the emergency in a timely fashion. They will ask other questions like "What is going on?" and "Are there any suspects?" Provide as much information as you can because the more we have the better we can help.

What to do during a traffic stop:

The most important things to do during a traffic stop are to stay calm and comply with the requests of the officer. When you see emergency lights and/or hear a siren begin the process of pulling your vehicle to the side of the road. Once you have safely pulled over place your vehicle in park, keep your hands visible, and await instructions from the officer. View the video for more tips on what to do when you are pulled over by an officer.


Have you seen something suspicious? Want to know how to contact Crimestoppers? It's anonymous, it's easy, and you might be rewarded. Call Crimestoppers at (336) 229-7100 if you have any information regarding criminal activity and for more information visit Crimestoppers.