Emergency Repair Program


General eligibility requirements for single-family residences are listed below.  

**We are currently NOT ACCEPTING any more applications for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. Please check the website at a later date for information on the 2018-2019 fiscal year.**

• Located within Burlington City Limits (If you are located outside of the City limits, please contact the Piedmont Triad Regional Council at 336-904-0300, ext. 6005 for emergency repair work)

• Owner-Occupied by applicant

• Current on all taxes - County and City (must remain current for the life of the loan)

• Homeowner’s Insurance (must remain current for the life of the loan)

• No liens or judgments against owner or property

• One mortgage (no reverse mortgages)

• Household income MUST NOT exceed 50% of the area median income for the household size (see below)

• Special need (i.e be elderly, handicapped, or disabled, veteran, a single parent with a dependent living at home, a large family with 5 household members or a household with a child below six with an elevated blood lead level).

• Must have urgent repair needs, which cannot be met through other state of federally funded housing assistance programs.


• Storm windows and storm doors.

• Insulation, unless it can be shown that the lack of insulation would cause a threat to the health or safety of the occupant.

• Interior and/or exterior painting.

• Aluminum siding or vinyl siding.

• Gutters and downspouts, unless repair is in conjunction with the replacement of a leaking roof.

• Soiled or deteriorated floor coverings, unless a trip hazard exists.

• Site improvements.

• Any additional item that would be considered a cosmetic repair, or a repair that would not add to the structural integrity of the building, or that is not addressing a health and/or safety hazard as determined by rehabilitation staff or city inspections personnel.


1 person household: $18,550

2 person household: $21,200

3 person household: $23,850

4 person household: $26,450

5 person household: $28,600


The City will provide assistance to individuals whose homes are selected for repairs/modification in the form of a loan. Homeowners will receive an unsecured deferred, interest-free loan, forgiven at a rate of $1,000 per year until the principal balance is reduced to zero.


The amount of the loan will depend on the scope of the work necessary to address the identified imminent threats to life and/or safety, and that will be determined by the City's rehabilitation specialist. There is no minimum to the amount of the loan; however the maximum life-limit according to the guidelines of the program is $8,000.


Only repairs that address imminent threats to the life and/or safety of occupants of the dwelling unit or accessibility modifications will be performed under the City's Emergency Repair Program. It should be noted that all deficiencies in a home may not be rectified with the available funds.

All work that is completed under the Emergency Repair Program must meet or exceed NC State Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwelling and be done in compliance with all state or local permitting, inspections, licensing, and insurance requirements including the Renovation, Repair, and Painting rule.


All applications MUST be filled out completely, and include the appropriate documentation.  Incomplete applications will NOT be processed, and may be returned to the applicant. 

2017-2018 Emergency Repair Application

To have an application mailed to you, please contact the Community Development Division at 336-222-5070.