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The Department was first accredited by The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA) in April, 1989, and it has maintained its accredited status ever since, being re-accredited in May 2017. For more information on the department's accreditation, click here

  1. Officer Safety 2017
  2. Supervisors of the Year 2016
  3. RISE Nominees 2016
The Burlington Police Department has been recognized by the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund and the Bureau of Justice Assistance Destination Zero Program's "Comprehensive Officer Safety and Officer Wellness Award" for 2017. The Destination Zero program works in concert with the Below 100 Program. Both are focused on reducing the number of officers annually who are injured or killed. The name "Destination Zero" literally sets the goal of having zero officers killed in any given year. Program participants and applicants are recognized for their efforts that help to reduce that risk and increase officer safety. The Destination Zero program was established several years ago by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund to help agencies improve the health and safety of law enforcement officers across the country. Awards are given to the top agencies in the nation in each of the following four categories: general officer safety, officer traffic safety, officer wellness, and the final overall category of comprehensive safety.

Chief J. Smythe and Master Police Officer (MPO) R. Henderson accepted the award at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund banquet held in honor of National Police Week in Washington, D.C. on May 14, 2017. Chief Smythe proudly shares this award with the agency and the community. He said, "This is symbolic of the professionalism and excellence exhibited by our officers on a daily basis. Our officers work in chaotic and dangerous times, and it is out obligation to provide them the very best in training, equipment, and oversight. I am confident we do that at the highest level, and we will continue to be one of the premier police agencies in North Carolina. And we are accepting applications should any officer want to join the best!"

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