Police Department Employee Recognition

On behalf of Chief J. Jeffrey Smythe and the Administration staff, thank you for the great job you do for the Burlington Police Department and our city, your efforts are deeply appreciated.  We would like to wish you our most sincere congratulations.
  1. 2017 Awards
  2. 2016 Awards
  3. 2015 Awards
Recipient Award Awarded for...
T. Verdeck, D. Davis, J. Greer Class B Commendation Quick action going above and beyond their duties during a medical emergency
POI M. Braja, 
POI A. Smith
Award of Excellence Their hard work and dedication during a homicide investigation
Sgt. B. Farmer Class C Commendation Going above and beyond to improve the quality of life for an elderly victim of a larceny demonstrating high level law enforcement
POI C. Eanes Award of Excellence His outstanding efforts in locating and arresting a fugitive from justice wanted for multiple outstanding felonies
MPO S. Reed
POI M. Braja
Award of Excellence His skillful investigation and safe resolution to a child abduction
MPO J. Coleman Award of Excellence Outstanding felony larceny investigation involving great communication skills between other local agencies as well as within the department
M. Arcos Award of Excellence Selfless service and excellent work performance
E. Holloman, J. Buckner, D. Davis, Sgt. B. Petty, Sgt. N. Doss, MPO J. Comer Award of Excellence Leadership, professionalism, quick thinking, and sound judgement
POI A. Snow, POII M. Coggins Award of Excellence Superior leadership and work ethic in an investigation
M. McCann Award of Excellence Assisting with multiple additional projects while remaining consistently outstanding in regular duties