Police Patrol

The Patrol Division is under the command of Captain Brian Long and is comprised of  79 officers which are divided into four shifts and one Baylor shift.  The officers employ a community policing philosophy in keeping with department’s mission statement: 

"The police department is committed to improving the quality of life in partnership with our community through fair and professional police services."

Each shift is supervised by a lieutenant and two staff sergeants.  Patrol officers are considered first responders; they are responsible for investigating a variety of crimes and respond to all requests for police services.  Each patrol officer has received a minimum of 648 hours of Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) and continue their law enforcement training throughout their career.  The officers are strategically assigned to a patrol area or district in order to provide 24 hours of continual coverage to the community. Officers responded to 64,024 calls for service in 2012. For a more detailed break-down of the Patrol Division's activities, see our zone data.

Calls for police services are generated by citizens contacting 
Police Dispatch (911)/ Communications to report criminal activity, or suspicious activity. Patrol officers are responsible for investigating criminal violations, traffic violations, traffic collisions, and serving arrest warrants. Some officers in the Patrol Division have additional specialized training in Police K-9, crime scene processing, driving while impaired (DWI) detection, or speed enforcement.   

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(336) 229-3550


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Patrol Desk:

(336) 229-3503

Talks/ Tours:

(336) 229-3540

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Components of the Patrol Division

There are several different resources available for patrol officers, some of these are listed below:
  • Patrol Desk: The patrol desk is staffed by former officers and civilians. As former officers, these individuals are helpful in answering inquiries from the public/ Citizens may contact the patrol desk by calling (336) 229-3503. The desk is staffed during select hours: Monday-Friday (8:00am to 7:00pm) and Saturdays (10:00am to 2:00pm).
  • Police K-9: Each shift has one assigned canine and a canine handler that serves a dual role as a patrol officer. They can be utilized for tracking suspects, suspect apprehension, building searches, and narcotics detection.
  • Drug Recognition Experts: The department has two different officers that are specially trained in the detection and identification of narcotics impaired driving. They assist officers in identifying the types of substances that an impaired driver may have introduced into their body. They also testify to the driver's ability to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of the identified narcotics.
  • Crime Scene Investigators: Each patrol shift has officers that have received specialized training directly related to crime scene processing. The officers utilize advanced scene processing and photography training to recover and document evidence at crime scenes. The officers are trained in recovering DNA, latent fingerprints, tool marks, hair, fiber, and serology (serums: blood or other bodily fluids) evidence.
  • Crimestoppers:  An anonymous system that allows citizens to report illegal activity to the police department and receive monetary rewards, depending on the type of information that is provided and its usefulness in solving criminal activity. Call Crimestoppers at (336) 229-7100
  • Talks and Tours: Educational talks or tours of the police department are available for persons interested in gaining a brife exposure into the day to day operations of the police department. They can be scheduled by contacting the police administration office at (336) 229-3540
  • Civilian Ride Along: Citizens can apply for permission to accompany an officer on a patrol shift and see first-hand what officers experience on a regular day on duty. Citizens are required to complete a short background check and schedule a time to ride at least two weeks in advance.