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Burlington Recreation & Parks offers 2 seasons of adult softball: spring and fall. Spring games start in mid-April with organizational meetings and practices starting about 1 month prior. In the fall, games starts in early August with organizational meetings and practices held two weeks earlier. 

Various leagues are offered: Men's (1- & 2-nights a week), Women's, Co-ed, & Church. Different divisions are created in each league pending team sign-up. Most leagues that play 2-nights-a-week during the spring play about 18 games plus tournament play. During the fall, players in 2-nights-a-week league can expect 12-14 games during the season.

Call the Athletics Division to sign up a team for Adult Softball.

2021  SPRING  Softball

Registration: TBD
Coaches Meting: TBD
Practices Start: TBD
Games Start: TBD




1-Night a Week

For questions, call the Athletics Division at (336) 222-5030.

2021 FALL  Softball

Registration:  TBD
Coaches Meeting: TBD
Practices Start: TBD
Games Start: TBD


FALL 1-Night a Week
Resident TBD  
Non-Resident TBD  


Rule Changes


Adult Softball Suspensions

Burlington Recreation & Parks has recently suspended two participants in the adult softball program for one and two years, respectively, for violations of equipment rules. Only USA Softball-approved bats are allowed in BRPD league play. This is done is in the interest of participants safety.

Why Hot Bats are Prohibited

USA Softball'ss rules prohibit hot bats because it can allow people to hit the ball farther, as well as make the ball pass through the infield at speeds which create a risk of serious injury to pitchers and infielders. Our umpires in this situation are to be commended for being alert and observant in the interest of keeping all our participants safe.

All Bats Are Subject to Inspection!

In order to help our umpires better do their job, we are also implementing a rule change; it will now be illegal to bring a non-approved or altered bat to the field. Any illegal bat brought to the field will subject the owner to ejection and possibly a one or two year suspension. Any bats in or around the dugout will be subject to inspection by the umpires. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter of player safety.