Solid Waste Fees

Bulk Trash Fees

In most instances, bulk trash and limbs are collected mechanically by a truck that has a knuckeboom arm with a clam shell.  Please contact the sanitation department at 222-5111 with questions. The cost of collection is determined as follows:  
-         <3 cu. yds
No Charge
-         3 cu. yds. (2 Bites)
$13.50 minimum
-         4.5 cu. yds. (3 Bites)
-         6 cu. yds. (4 Bites)
-         7.5 cu. yds. (5 Bites)
-         9 cu. yds. (6 Bites)
-         10.5 cu. yds. (7 Bites)
-         12 cu. yds. (8 Bites)
-         13.5 cu. yds. (9 Bites)
-         15 cu. yds. (10 Bites)
Residents do not have to call to receive service.  If items routinely collected by the City are placed on the right of way before your regular garbage collection day, they will be collected as soon as possible. Therefore, if the intent is not to dispose of items, keep the items far away from the right of way. Please contact the Solid Waste department to alert them of your bulk waste if your garbage day has passed.
If there is a charge, you will receive that charge listed on your utility bill as "Bulk waste collection fee." The bill will state the billing interval of collection, amount collected and the subsequent charge.


Solid Waste User Fee

There is an established monthly charge for solid waste collection and for the collection of recyclables in any City approved and/or authorized container/receptacle.  The fee is billed on your normal water and sewer utility billing.  The fee is as follows:
Solid waste tipping fee:
Recycling collection fee: