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Director of Aquatics: Bo Slott
(336) 222-5043
 Bo Slott Aquatics Director COBA
 Swim Coach: Scott Bowser
American Swimming Coaches Association Level 4 Coach

Coach Scott Bowser
Coach Bowser is entering his 19th year of coach.  Over these past 18 years he has had the pleasure of coaching kids on all levels from parent child learn-to-swim classes to multiple Olympic trial qualifiers. Also during that time he has coached a state championship team and a top 5 national prep school team.  He has also been selected to be on staff of 8 different zone teams which included 4 times as head coach with 3 victories.

Just a few of the champions Coach Bowser has created are: multiple state champions, high school state champions, a national prep school champion, age group champions, sectional champions, senior national qualifiers, Jr national qualifiers, scholastic all American, YMCA national qualifiers, including a Y Nats top 8 finalist, nationally ranked kids in the top 10 in their age group and zone qualifiers.  Some of these swimmers are from Alamance County and the City of Burlington.  

"I was very pleased to hear that the City of Burlington has given significant consideration to bringing on Scott Bowser to anchor the City of Burlington Aquatics Recreation Swimming program. Scott is a gifted coach. For a few years, he served as swim instructor for myself and several other masters age swimmers in Burlington. The best swimming I have ever done was done under his guidance, taking me from novice swimmer all the way to Ironman competition. He is an excellent motivator, and gentleman. Scott will surely prove to be an asset to the team."
  - Dr. Ted Armour 
"Scott Bowser has more technical knowledge about swimming and what it takes to make a good swimmer into a great swimmer than anyone I have ever meet. This combined with Bo Slott's organizational skills, makes for an impressive coaching match up."
  - Alex Wall

"Scott is the most dedicated and skilled swimming coach I have ever encountered. If you encounter him after a meet you will have a hard time hearing him as is voice will always be horse due to how intensely he has been cheering. He is the only coach that I've seen that pace back and forth with his swimmer; a testament to how important his swimmers and their performance are to him. Scott coached me from the fall of 2004 until the spring of 2006."
  - LT Andrew Hetzner

** From before swimming under Scott to after, Andrew's times went as follows:
- 200 yard Backstroke from 2:01.41 to 1:53.42
- 200 yard Freestyle from 1:49.35 to 1:42.13
- 100 yard Backstroke from :55.89 to :52.68
- 100 yard Butterfly from :54.39 to :51.41
- 200 yard Butterfly from No Time to 1:52.87
  "Scott Bowser is an excellent swim coach.  He coached two of my children to great swimming success.  Both of them achieved age group and sectional qualifying times when he was their coach, and in most meets I recall them continuously swimming “personal best” times.  Scott can teach a child to swim, he can recognize competitive swimming potential in a child, he can refine a child’s swimming and draw out their potential.  However, I think his greatest gift is that he gets to know each swimmer’s strengths and what motivates them.  My children grew as swimmers and as young people with Coach Scott because he empowered them to do their very best.  They felt like they could accomplish anything because he gave them the tools and the knowledge to do it and made them feel like they had the power!  And when Scott’s swimmers succeed, he doesn’t sit back and “own” their success.  He always attributes his swimmers’ success to all of their hard work.
My children know that whether he is their current coach or not, Coach Scott is always their fan and their friend on the pool deck.  Scott Bowser is an excellent swim coach! "

  - Carolyn Smyre 
"Just wanted to let you know that I have know Scott Bowser for over 10 years.  I know him to be an honest, ethical, hard-working coach who knows how to motivate & encourage young athletes.  He not only coached both of my daughters (post college & high school) but also coached with one of those daughters at New Wave Swim Team.  They both appreciated his dedication, insight & commitment to them & their teammates.  I would highly recommend him to any swimmer & their parent"
  - Lisa Jackson